Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We do certain kinds of challenges on the forums,   and here is a few that I have done.  
These are from Stuff to Scrap,  and these kits can be found there!

 I just love the way this one turned out!

More of my stuff.

Just sharing some of the other work I've done.  
These kits are not from the places I CT or blog promo for.   They are just random stuff I do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Designer!

At Sunshine Studios!    Maria Designs.     Her kits are beautiful!  
Go here to check her stuff out!  

Friday, March 18, 2011

March BAK with Stuff to Scrap!

St Patrick's day sale at STS!!

I know im late,  but here it is!  

New Sales!

NEAT, NEAT,  sales going on at Sunshine Studio!
Meredith has some cute kits on sale right now!  
This one,  "A Pea in a Pod"   I love it!     Perfect for your pregnant journey!
Its 30% off too!!   

And this one, right here,   this is a must have!   I love the colors,  bright and cheery!

I had to have this kit,  so I got it!   
Love this kit as well,  lots of elements,  and very fun to play with!
Heres what I did, 

And this one.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

been sick,

Sorry if I haven't been around.   the flu hit here, with me anyways.    Spent all day yesterday in bed.  
Yesterday was my Angel, Haley's birthday.  We wanted to go to the cemetery and do something.  But I couldn't leave my bed.   Ugh.   I still feel a little weak and queasy today.  

St. Patricks day Freebie!

Heres a sneak peak at the freebie Carissa will have in her store on Thursday!!  
Cant wait to play around with this one!
Heres how to get this wonderful freebie!

have fun,  and enjoy!

Did you find him?    lol,  I did!    Very cute kit!   Heres what I did!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sad day

For my husband and I.  
Today,  five years ago,  we found out that our daughter had no heartbeat.  
I was 34 weeks pregnant.    I was induced that night, (Monday) and all day Tuesday laid while we "waited" for her to come.   Ill never forget those 3 days,   Ill never forget Haley.   My beautiful Angel.  
Haley Lynn,  was born sleeping on Wednesday, March 15th of 2006.  
the nurse took pictures,  hand/foot prints,   a lock of hair for us.    we choose an outfit for her funeral.
And kept the ones she was in when we had her in my room.  
Never did I think or imagine that we would bury our daughter.  
I just cant believe that FIVE years has passed.  
FIVE whole years that its been since ive seen, held, kissed,  looked at her.  
I cant wait to see her in Heaven.   I cant wait to hold her, and smoother her in hugs and kisses.  
I cant wait for Averie to meet her big sister when we all go.  

Here is a Siggy that a lady made for me a few years ago,  which I just love.   I picked out the saying at the bottom,  and colors.  
Love and Miss you Haley Lynn!    "kisses"
And some icons that I love.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New kit for me!!

Yes,  I bought another kit today,  and im really excited to use it!  
Here is the preview!
Its in the store right now!
Ill show what i do when im done playing!   lol!  
And heres one so far!!
The puppy my daughter is holding in this picture was a gift to me after a surgery I had when I was five years old. Ive had this stuffed puppy for 27 years.  It was in a box of stuff I took out of a trailer I lived in,  that caught fire that night.   Im very thankful,  because its really the only thing I have of my childhood. 

And I did this one as well.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speed scrap

And another speed scrap going on!   Here,
Its tonight,   sorry for the short notice,  
And this is the participation prize for this speed scrap!!
Cute kit!  

Speed scrap

Theres a speed scrap going on at STS!!  
Hosted by Tammy!   Thursday night.
Heres Tammy's participation prize!


LOTS of sales going on at the Sunshine studio scraps store!       Go check them out!
this kit is really pretty!    I just love it!
And its 30% off until March 11th!    Woo-Hoo!!   
This was such a fun kit to play with,   I did this page,  
And this one i just did too,  I really love this kit!  Its loaded, and so much fun!
And this one,   I just cant get away from this awesome kit!

 Be sure to check out the really cool wordart packs on sale too!   

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another CT accepted,

Yay!!   I have been accepted to another blog to CT for!  
This is awesome!   Im really excited!
I will post the link when I hear more!   :)
I just had to share my awesome news!   

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

STS St. Patricks day collab kit!!

And its really pretty!!    Get on over to the store and grab it!
Here are the previews!!

Here is the QP pack that you can purchase, or  if you purchase at least $10 worth of stuff at the stuff to scrap store, you can get this QP pack for free. You can get the retirement bundle for $15 and get this really neat QP pack added to it for free!!   What a deal!  

March Build a Kit!

Be sure to check them out!  

Buy 3 or more regular priced March BAKs (must be priced at 1.99 and up) and get them for 50% off 
using coupon code:

Retiring soon!