Friday, April 29, 2011


A lot can be said about sisters,   I have 2,  I love them both with all my heart.  we used to fight, drag each other down,  lol,  yell, scram, kick, claw,  I remember my mom always saying,  "You all will love each other so much when you get older!"   Our reply,  "NA UH!!!"   and now,  we do.   they are both older than me, and were very close!    It saddens me that adm wont have that.  I wanted the sibling fights,  lol,  adm always talks about her big sister,  and how much she misses her.   (shes never met her)   I only have just a few pictures of Haley,  and those pictures I cherish.   I love to look at them.   And yes,  they are on my living room wall.  She is my daughter.
So which brings me to this next kit,  there are actually three parts,  its a "sisters" kit.  and its beautiful!   Here are the two parts I got,   Sisters Mini 1
And sisters Mini 2
I used both these parts to make my layout with,  
My two beautiful daughters.  

here is the kit "sisters"
Both Mini's and kit, can be found here!
Thanks so much for looking,  Ive enjoyed sharing my daughters with you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My daughter, Haley.

I know Ive mentioned on here about my first daughter.   My husband and I lost her at 34 weeks,  never in a million years did I ever think Stillbirth would ever happen.  Its something that seems like its more on the hush-hush now.  And us Angel moms would like it too be more out.  Not to scare anyone.  Just so everyone knows more about it. And not EVERY pregnancy is perfect.   When your pregnant,  you dont think of the bad things that can happen.  How sick you can get,  even worse,  not being able to take your baby home with you from the hospital.  that was so hard,  leaving Haley there.  And knowing the next time I would see her, would be in a casket.
We lost Haley due to a blood clot that formed in her Placenta.   It wasnt fair,  I had heard her heartbeat that Friday,  and had a feeling that something just wasnt right that weekend.  On Monday, March 13th we found out she had passed.   Those next,  35 hours were a bad nightmare.  Haley was born,  wednesday March 15th, 2006 at 8:48am.  weighing in at 3lbs, 14ozs,  and was 17 inches long.  
I got this scrapkit from Madame Wing,  called Miss you.   So I put together a layout with Haleys pics.
So with me being a blood clotter,  with our next pregnancy, I injected Heparin two times a day till birth.  
We about lost her too, she was born at 35 weeks, emergency C-Sec. due too the same thing. ADM weighed 3lbs, 12 ozs and was 16.5 inches long.  just a few off from Haley's stats.  ADM, spent 4.5 weeks in the NICU,  she got taken out of her Incubator on 3/15/07, Haley's one year Angelversary.  We took ADM home on March 21, 2007.  We buried Haley on March 21, 2006.   I love that Haley took care of her little sister, and protected her throughout her stay in the NICU.  Can we say Guardian Angel?!  :)
Its not hard to talk about, in fact I love talking about her.  never tell an Angel mom that she talks, thinks, cries, too much over her Angel baby.   Theres not a limit on that.  We talk about Haley all the time to our Rainbow baby, Averie, (who is in 99% of my layouts) She knows that Haley is in Heaven with Jesus. 
Thanks for reading, and looking.   
Jill,  Shawn,  Averie and ~Angel Haley~ 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tell me a Story.

Like to Read?   We love too here!  adm loves to read to me, and hear a good story!
this is a huge kit!  A really cute Reading kit!   All the cute, cute elements,  night time story elements as well!
Lots of card stocks, papers,  and a little book worm!  
Heres the preview of the kit,
Preview of the add-on, 
and the card-stock,  which is loaded with bright colors!
So I usually have my nieces on Friday nights, and tonight my 10 year old niece helped me make this first layout! She had a blast!

And then we did this one as well

Go on over to theStudio and grab all three parts of this kit!

Friday, April 22, 2011

What I love about you,

Is the newest kit by Daybreak Designs.   Lots of greens and blues in this one,  different colors for a change, and very mellow to work with!
This past weekend we went back to my husbands side of the state.  And when we go, we visit Grandpa who just recently went to live in a retirement home. :(    So Averie loves to visit her great grandparents!   So this was just perfect to scrap a picture of them together.  
Heres the preview,
Love all the ribbons,  and the little word tags! 
So heres my layout, of my daughter and her Great-Grandpa!
And since its Dawn's Birthday month, this kit is 40% off this month!  :)  
Go over to Funky Playground Designs and get it now!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The perfect Birthday kit!

yes, i finally found the perfect Birthday kit to scrap some of my daughters birthday pictures!  
Very colorful and loaded with the perfect birthday elements!   Lots to do with this kit!
heres the preview
Colors, Colors!   One thing I look for in a kit!  Great papers, and the Alpha is adorable!
Heres my layout,  of my daughters Fourth (*sniffs*) birthday!  She got a Dora bike from her grandparents!
Thanks so much for looking,  and grab this kit right here!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Always and Forever,

We had a blast this weekend out of town!   Had a late birthday party for my daughter with her Grandparents,  they got her a Dora Bike!   Oh she was just so excited about that!   She always has a blast there!   So my Sister in Law went to Prom on Saturday night,  and looked so pretty!   So I had to do a layout with a few of her pictures!   This kit is called Always and Forever,   a wedding kit,  BUT,  I did it for her prom pics.   I love the soft colors and whites in this kit!    
Heres the preview!

And my Layout!
My beautiful Sister In Law with her date!

Friday, April 15, 2011


So after adm's birthday weekend was ruined by the car garage by breaking our heater and that prevented us from going back to my husbands home town,  we are going this weekend.   YAY!!  
We need it bad.   And adm is so excited to see her Magra Jo!!    
So I probably wont post anything till Sunday!!    
Its really crappy right now here,  rainy and really windy!    ugh,  hopefully its better over there!  

Beautifully You

Yes,    Beautifully you.     New kit by Daybreak Designs by Dawn.   Oh and its PRETTY!!   Lots of Purples,  love pinks and Purples!    
Here is the preview,
and here is my layout,