Thursday, September 8, 2011

Me. Myself, and I....

I'm having a really bad flare right now with my AOSD. 
Ive been having issues with my right hand,  its swollen,  warm,  and I can barely open it up some mornings.
Today,  I was diagnosed with,  Tenosynovitis.    I was fitted for a brace to wear only to take it off a few times a day to move my wrist around.    Hoping I don't have to do the surgery route,  although I'm thinking I will have too.
Right now,  I'm not going to be making any layouts.    BUT, (lol)   I will bring you the latest on kits!  So have no fear there!    I will link you to the newest kits,   freebies, quick pages, and such!  
I will keep you all updated though!  
Thanks for reading!    And stay tuned!   

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