Friday, April 20, 2012

Haley Lynn, my Angel...

I've talked a little bit about my daughter, Haley,  who was stillborn on March 15th, 2006.
There are a lot of things that I know now,  that I didnt know of before.
Some people think its tabou to talk about stillbirth,    but truth is people think that it hurts us to be asked about our Angels.       It doesnt hurt.   Ask away!

After I had Haley the nurse took her and bathed her.
We had talked about getting a camera,  and then thought,  how morbid?!  
(again,  I wish I had, had my camera)
I am VERY thankful that the nurse took it upon herself to, take pictures,   hand/footprints,   a lock of hair.
Let us pick out her "Funeral" dress.  
There is a program called Now I lay me down to sleep.
A volunteer based org.  that comes to the hospital and takes pictures of you and your family.
I really wish I had known about this,  (But hey,   I didnt know my daughter was going to die)
Their work is amazing!

Molly Bears is a non-profit org.  that runs off of Donations.   (Facebook page) 
It is a Bear made just for you and weighs of what your Angel weighed.
But,   there is a long waiting list,   must be patient!  
I cant remember exactly how long mine took,  but when I got her,  It was so worth the wait!
My Rainbow,  Averie and my Haley (Molly) Bear!

She weighs 3lbs,  and 14 ozs.  
Really nice to feel her weight again.  

I know,   a different post tonight.  

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