Saturday, October 19, 2013


I don't normally complain on here,   but this is something that i need to say.

After I lost my daughter, I've collected Angel figurines.  I have a lot of them.   When I moved out of state, I took some with me.    A few weeks ago, I sent them back to my home state.    Two boxes.  When I went to the USPS to ship them out,  the lady asked what was in the box.   I told her they were very valuable items.  That the items in the box were of stuff of my daughter who was deceased.   And were irreplaceable.
She told me that I shouldn't insure the boxes then.   She wrote "FRAGILE"  and "THIS SIDE UP"  on all four sides of the box.
Wow.   I should have.
So box number one was supposed to arrive on a Tuesday.    It arrived on Saturday.    I had to go to the Post office to pick it up,  and when the lady brought it to me,  it was in a cart,  and she picked it up, on its side.    So this end wasn't up!
Box number two was supposed to arrive on a Saturday,  It arrived on the Thursday before.
Have you ever seen,  "Ace Ventura,  Pet Detective"  where at the beginning he is kicking that box, and dropping it down the hallway?  
BOTH boxes looked just like that.    One box I could tell had been re-taped.
I had about 6 figurines broke.   And my Jewelry box,  is now busted to a point where I can hardly move it.
My items were packed in newspapers,  clothes,  blankets,  so they were packed well.
I filed a complaint with USPS,  and they said they do not owe me anything, because the boxes weren't insured.
I said I at least wanted my shipping costs back,  (almost 60$)  and they said they cannot do that.
That they have no control of what happens to the box when it goes down the conveyor belts.  SO,  it must have went down the "Uninsured,  don't care if you break everything inside" belt.   because I'm sure the insured boxes go down a different one.
So,  I will NO LONGER use USPS for shipping of any packages of any kind.
I will spread all over how they didn't care my stuff was broken,  and how mistreated my boxes were.

So,  let it be known,  that when you leave your box at the USPS,  it goes onto a conveyor belt, that has no control over what happens to your package....
And yes,  I have pictures of the boxes before,  and after.  And all my broken items.
That's the end of my rant.

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