Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vintage Love Collab, by Angelique's Scraps, and Butterfly D'sign

New in store Vintage Love a collab between ButterflyD'sign and Angelique's Scraps.
Now available with 40% of.
The kit is availabe as a Full kit:

And is available as 2 separate parts
Angelique's Scraps part:

ButterflyD'Sign her part:
Images are linked to the store!
Here are the pages I created,  first one is with just Angelique's part.  
And the second one is with both parts together!
My Grandparents,  on their wedding day.  November 11, 1943.

And, my mom, her two sisters, brother and parents, Christmas Card picture!
She thinks it was in 1966,
Thank you so much for looking! 

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